btvstack.exe – What is it and why is it seeking permission in skype?

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In your first run of skype you may get a little puzzled when you see the following in the top of skype window:

what is btvstack.exe why is skype asking to allow permission

The message is: “BtvStack.exe wants to use skype”

If you see this – there is nothing to worry. It is actually the bluetooth driver in your computer which is trying to access Skype – so that if you’d like use Skype with Bluetooth headset. So, it is safe to allow btvstack.exe to access to your Skype.

You may Allow access if you intend to use any such bluetooth device with your skype. otherwise you may Deny access.  However, you may change this setting in future from: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings: Now select “Manage Other Programs’ access to Skype”.

skype advanced settings other programs access

You may Allow or deny API access control from here.

skype advanced settings other programs access api access control

If you’ve read this post – you are a security concerned person. Now a days many a person ignores small issues like these and suffer a lot later on. Although the issue I am talking about is harmless – but there are many other programs which are not safe for your computer or mobile devices. If you are not sure about something -always try searching in the Internet for reference.

4 thoughts on “btvstack.exe – What is it and why is it seeking permission in skype?

  1. Me too. I don’t use blutooth for Skype, so will deny at this time, but good to know it’s not rogue.

  2. Thanks – very helpful. I do not yet use a BT device but am buying a USB BT adaptor to use with BT headphones.

    Question: once I get the adaptor do I need to do anything special in Skype to use my headphones?

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