Bangladeshi BDIX & Local Broadband FTP list

* Crazyhd

* KS Network

* Zero Dollar Movies

* Anabil Adda

* Tetrasoft BD

* Matchnet

* Classic Network

* Broadband@Home

* Shihab IT

* Brothers IT

* Bijoy.Net Software

* Film-Jogot

* ATS-Media-Server


* Free-Download-BD

* Anabil-Adda

* Gen-Videos

* My-Tube

* DFN-BD-Tube


* Video-Mela

* Broadband@Home

* PC-Software

* Ontohin BD


* Sam Online

* Sam Online Live

* Circle Network

* B Net


* Bot-Tola

* KS Network

* Moja Loss

* Gen Videos

* Voot BD

* Boka Shoka

* Dhaka-Torrent

* PC-Software-2

* English Drama

* Mobile Software

* KS Gaming Realm

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* Pegleg

* Big Five Glories

* Bangla Movies

* Bangla Film HD

* Bangla Movies-2

* Bangla Natok

* Bangla Natok HD

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* All-News

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* Timepass BD

* Antaranga Dot Com


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* Best Torrent

* Torrent BD

* Paitara Torrent

* Paitara 2

* BDIX Torrent

* DFN Tube

* Narm Tube

* Natural BD Tube


* Matchnet TV Show

* Filehippo Software

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* Doridro

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* Azibtorrent Torrent

* Tepantorbd Torrent

* Ontohinbd Torrent2

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* I-Hub-TV

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* Ebox-TV

* TV-Sports

Download link of Winamp – The best MP3 player in the world [updated]

MP3 and Winamp became synonymous since the end of 90’s. I have always used Winamp for listening to music. No doubt it was the most popular media player in the world. When Nullsoft Inc – the creator of Winamp announced it will no longer work on Winamp – was a shocking news for Winamp lovers like me. Although Nullsoft is not releasing new updates for the software – the old one is still good enough. If you were looking for download links of Winamp and its plugins – here you go:


Windows: Winamp 5.666 (official fully patched build) (patched) (unpatched)…p,0301-14.html (unpatched)

Important: Update Patches for Unpatched 5.666 (build 3516) only!

Mac OSX: Winamp Sync Beta 0.8.1 | dmg direct

Android: Winamp 1.4.15 & Pro apps
Free APK | mirror
Pro Stub | mirror
Downloads & instructions


WINAMP SKINS…q=winamp+skins…loads&typeID=1…com/skins.html

WINAMP PLUGINS…ins/index.html

Why Google Drive is the better choice than Dropbox in Bangladesh

Google Drive is better than Dropbox

If you are residing in Bangladesh and you are using Dropbox as you cloud storage solution – It is good time to switch to Google Drive. There are many other reasons why Google drive is preferable – but the most important of those is the network speed issue in Bangladesh.

I would not start the debate on which one offers better service – or premium version of which one is cheaper (Although I will clearly put Google Drive ahead in this race).

Many of the ISPs in Bangladesh offer higher speed (compared to actual Internet Bandwidth) for YOUTUBE. For example: someone with 2mbps Internet connectivity may get 10mbps speed when (s)he streams through Youtube.

I am not sure how this higher bandwidth is supplied for Youtube, but as far as I remember reading a news which said Google to get some bandwidth from BTCL/BSCCL. Due to (whatever) arrangement Google had – people in Bangladesh are getting bandwidth in abundance when using Google services. This includes accessing Google Play store and Google Drive as well. I noticed I get way higher speed when I download attachment from Gmail as well.

Therefore, if you switch to Google drive from Dropbox – you’ll get higher speed for Google Drive. File transfer will be much faster.




The Sky is too low for Qubee

I was very happy to start my journey with Qubee. I remember they started their journey with some hilarious packages. But the competition finally brought qubee to the right path and they were providing some good offerings to the Bangladeshi Internet users. But, buttt… but… as a Qubee user, and specially subscribing the package called “Sky” (which means limit and possibilities as high as the sky) – I can’t really be a satisfied customer of qubee. Why? let me give you some idea why I feel so:

The limits (download & upload combined) for the sky package users are as follows:

512 kbps – 30 GB

1 mbps – 35 GB

2 mbps – 40 GB

Okay, lets now find out the total time a user will need to finish the data limit at full speed download/upload and what is qubee’s turnover from its costing:

512 kbps

  • 130.5 hours download @512kbps will finish up your quota for the whole month.
  • If you plan to download/upload everyday @full speed – you can only do it 4.34 hours/day, which is almost 1/6 of the whole day. It means qubee sells their 24 hour 512 kbps to 6 users.
  • A typical 512 kbps sky users pay 1250 taka (without VAT). Qubee buys bandwidth from submarine cable IP bandwidth providers @ 12,000/mb. In that case qubee’s 512kbps costing is BDT 6,000.  As calculated from the previous point, qubee sells this 512 kbps bandwidth to atleast 6 people. Their turnover from 512 kbps is atleast 1250×6= 7500 Taka.
  • Qubee’s bandwidth cost 6,000 taka, turnover 7500 taka. Cost turnover ratio (1:1.25)

1 mbps

  • 76 hours download @1mbps will finish up your quota for the whole month.
  • If you plan to download/upload everyday – you can only do it 2.5 hours/day, which is almost 1/10 of the whole day. It means qubee sells their 24 hour 1 mbps to 10 users.
  • A typical 1 mbps sky users pay 2250 taka (without VAT) per month. Qubee buys bandwidth from submarine cable IP bandwidth providers @ 12,000/mb.  As calculated from the previous point, qubee sells this 1 mbps bandwidth to atleast 10 people. Their turnover from 1 mbps is atleast 2250×10= 22500 Taka.
  • Qubee’s bandwidth cost 12,000 taka, turnover 22,500 taka. Cost turnover ratio (1 : 1.875)

2 mbps

  • 43 hours download @2mbps will finish up your quota for the whole month.
  • If you plan to download/upload everyday – you can only do it 1.45 hours/day, which is almost 1/16 of the whole day. It means qubee sells their 24 hour 2 mbps to 16 users.
  • A typical 2 mbps sky users pay 5250 taka (without VAT) per month. Qubee buys bandwidth from submarine cable IP bandwidth providers @ 12,000/mb.  In that case qubee’s 2 mbps costing is BDT 24,000. As calculated from the previous point, qubee sells this 1 mbps bandwidth to atleast 10 people. Their turnover from 1 mbps is atleast 5250×10= 84,000 Taka.
  • Qubee’s bandwidth cost 24,000 taka, turnover 84,000 taka. Cost turnover ratio (1 : 3.5).

Moreover, the calculation above will be in favor of qubee – because when there is a big number of internet users in the pool, the bandwidth calculation will be much complex – and not all the 6 users for 512kbps – 10 users for 1 mbps – 16 users for 2 mbps will be active. Therefore their turnover from each mbps will be much much higher.

The above calculation is for post paid users whereas prepaid users pay a lot more than that of postpaid users.  Yields from the prepaid users will be a significant difference.

Qubee’s cost per 1 GB is 36 Taka (@12,000/mbps/month) for volume based users:

  • 1 mbps: Qubee is selling 1GB @ 400 taka (turnover rate 1 : 11.11), 2 GB @ 700 Taka (turnover rate 1 : 9.72)
  • 512 kbps: Qubee selling 1.5GB @ 400 Taka (turnover rate 1: 7.4), 3 GB @ 700 Taka (turnover rate 1 : 6.48)
  • 256 kbps: Qubee selling 2GB @ 400 Taka (turnover rate 1: 5.55), 4 GB @ 700 Taka (turnover rate 1 : 4.86)

There are many more things that needs to be calculated to decide if a business is fair or not fair. Ofcourse, Qubee has its operational costs, expansion costs, legislative costs etc. It is usual that qubee will try meet all the expenses and do profit from the turnover but if we carefully look at the bandwidth cost and turnover ratio – there are some uneven equations for different packages and plan types.

ISPs that provides Internet through optical fiber or other means charges less for higher bandwidth. The per mbps/kbps cost goes down as the bandwidth increases – but in case of Qubee – it is the opposite. The bandwidth cost goes up as the chunk of the bandwidth goes up. Moreover, if we take a look at the postpaid 2mbps package – a user is allowed to download in average 1.45 hours (1 hour 26 minutes) at its full speed. Still qubee calls these packages  “Sky” (unlimited) . Just try to imagine – if a user downloads more than 1 hour and 26 minutes at 2mbps he will start finishing his quota for other days!! A Sky package allows the users to use the capacity connectivity only 1/16 of the whole day!! After the usage of the allowance there will be a bandwidth cap and all the connection will switch to 128 kbps. This is again an uneven equation for higher bandwidth users. 512 kbps users will get the same as 1mbps or 2mbps users – which is 128 kbps. I don’t know but it seems to me Qubee authority’s SKY is to low.

I called BanglaLion yesterday to know about their Fair Usage Policy.  The guy at the support said – I may download 3/4 hours at a stretch (@full speed) and then may continue browsing the rest of the day but shouldn’t download again. I am not sure but their policy is rather vague, but it seems a little liberal than qubee.

How ISPs like Qubee affects the ISP users freedom:

When WiMAX came to the reach of the general people – it meant a lot. It was like freedom to them. Previously, most of the urban dwellers were dependent on the complete monopoly of localized small internet service providers or the third class high latency Internet (GPRS, EDGE) from the Mobile phone operators. WiMAX as a connectivity medium is a superb carrier. It can provide high bandwidth with comparatively low latency than other wireless mediums. As far as I learnt, operational cost is less as it can cover a huge area through its BTSs. It was perfectly reflecting at the 2nd quarter of the year – when both the WiMAX operators (Qubee and BanglaLion) doubled the bandwidth allowance for the subscribers. But all of a sudden both of them became active with their Fair Usage Policy. And the outcome is what I described in the first part of this post. In the mean time – these two operators were successful in ruining the business of most of the local Internet service providers. All of a sudden we realized that – we have run out of options other than Qubee and BanglaLion. The monopoly is now in between these two operators. Now since the customers can’t flee they can introduce caps/limits like this. The problem of high price for WiMAX license is now infront of us. If more WiMAX operators were given the license with low fee for the License – there would be much competition and the ultimate winner would be the general Internet users.

Our expectations:

Government should provide the license for the 3G operator as soon as possible. 3G, although is not technologically as advanced as WiMAX, – can still generate a competition with the WiMAX operators. Besides, completion of the underground optical network will allow many other ISPs to operate through out Dhaka city which will re-introduce the complete freedom for the Internet users of Dhaka and similarly in other cities.

Beware of Unlimited Space / unlimited bandwidth Web Hosting.

“UNLIMITED” – a well known term in web hosting industry now a days. Unlimited emails, unlimited databases, unlimited aliases etc were some of the features heard for a long time. Now competition has driven the companies to offer Unlimited web space and Unlimited Bandwidth.

I have spoken to many hosting provider support team and asked how could they provide “Unlimited” web space when this web space is actually Hard disk drives installed in the server and which has its capacity limit. The answers are always tricky. Most of the times the answers are: “we do not provide any limit on the web space as long as it complies with our Terms & Condition”. The tricky part is “Terms & Conditions” or “Terms of Service” or “Acceptable usage policy” etc. We need to understand a little technically in this issue.

When we host a website in a web server, it occupies a certain web space. When the website is running or are being browsed by the web site visitors – it consumes web server processor and RAM capacity. Besides many other restrictions (irc server, running bots) the web hosting service providers restricts the resource usage per website in shared servers. Okay – now since I stepped into the term “Shared Server” – let me tell a few things about it. Shared server means a server which is being shared by many users or websites perhaps. The websites share the total hard drive, Ram usage, Bandwidth port etc. Normally there are a lot of websites hosted in a shared server. Assume there is a one Terra Byte Hard Disk, 4 GB Ram installed in the web server and there is a 100 mbits/s port connected to the server. Again assume there are 200 websites hosted in that server. Those 200 websites will share the total capacity of the server.

Now as days progresses, the server components are getting cheaper and the bandwidth cost is also going down. But it hasn’t gone so down for which any one may offer unlimited webspace and bandwidth when there is nothing called unlimited. Now a days companies offer unlimited webspace even at a cost of $2 per month.

A Xeon server (average) in some big data centers costs atleast $200 per month. It may consists of 2 TB hard disk, 16 GB Ram and a 100 mbits/s uplink port. Now if some web hosting companies sell around 100 such unlimited hosting accounts they will be in the break even point. And to make profit they will require to sell even more accounts in that very server. Due to server virtual environment web hosting service providers can create web hosting accounts allotting unlimited space and bandwidth. This is actually called “Overselling”. The lower the price of hosting account is – the more the server will be oversold. But ultimately all such unlimited space accounts will be using that 2 TB Hard disk.  How can 100 or more unlimited space accounts be fitted in 2 TB?? Well, when some one buy a web hosting account he/she is allotted unlimited space (although it is impossible), but some one may only upload a 100 MB or 1 GB website in the server. The server usage will depend upon the actual usage by all the websites, not what is allotted. Now if someone’s website starts using more space and more server resources – the real face of the webhosts are revealed. They will start matching the Acceptable usage policy and will start telling you your website is using more resources than it should and that it is no longer suitable for a Shared Server. You need to buy a dedicated server. Therefore this purchase turns out to be something like you purchased some services which you are not allowed to use with its full potential.

The situation is getting alarming as almost all the major webhosting service providers are also getting into such business. My suggestion will be to read the Terms & Conditions properly before you buy hosting and better if you can avoid unlimited space/bandwidth – because there is nothing called unlimited space/bandwidth and you’ll never be able to use it.

If you ever need a high volume/heavy duty website to run from a web server – think of your own Dedicated server or virtual dedicated server.

SEA-ME-WE 4 Maintenance , 1-11 october 2010.

There will be maintenance work on SEA-ME-WE 4 starting from 01 October 2010 to 11 October 2010. As a consequence there will be two impact on us.

On 01 October, 2010 SEA-ME-WE 4 will be completely shut down starting from 22:00hrs BST for 4 hours (it may be longer according to our previous experience). Therefore, the internet will be unavailable for that duration.

From 02 October to 11 October 2010, the eastern side of Chennai will be down. During the restoration process  you may experience temporary latency and congestion to some destinations and intermittent inconvenience.

SEA-ME-WE-4 Undersea Optical Fiber Cable.

BanglaLion starts as the second WiMAX service provider in Bangladesh

The second WiMAX operator has started its journey in Bangladesh. As far as I could learn from Banglalion’s website, they are offering their services in selected areas of Dhaka City. But definitely they’ll spread out soon. Their offers are cheaper than the first operator – Augere (QUBEE). But they couldn’t get out of the download cap too like qubee. Their offers are as follows:

Users Pack Package No. Speeds Monthly Subscription (TK) Monthly Usage
Starter P1 128 kbps 600 3 GB
Value Pack (Option A) P2 256 kbps 1000 5 GB
Value Pack (Option B) P3 256 kbps 1250 8 GB
Value Plus (Option A) P4 512 kbps 2150 10 GB
Value Plus (Option B) P5 512 kbps 2500 15 GB
Home Plus P6 768 kbps 3000 17 GB
Home Pro P7 1 mbps 3750 20 GB
Mega Pack P8 2 mbps 7000 25 GB
Jumbo Pack P9 5 mbps 15000 30 GB
  • 300tk activation fee applies (waive with 1 year sign up)
  • Additional Usage Tk. 0.15/MB
  • All charges are excluding VAT

Source: BanglaLion Website.

BanglaLion is offering three types of connectivity:

  1. Connectivity through outdoor unit (costs 10000 taka, supports upto 6 users)
  2. Connectivity through indoor unit (costs 7000 taka, supports upto 6 users)
  3. Connectivity through WiMAX Dongle (A pen drive like device for single user)

Their offer’s are more diversified than Qubee. Currently they are offering 9 packages with different Bandwidth and download caps.

They are infact a step ahead than qubee by offering speeds upto 5 mbps. I hope BanglaLion’s entry will initiate a competition between the two operators and will ultimately bring out some really cool offers for their clients.

BTRC is going to shutdown audio/video download websites in Bangladesh!!

As soon as any audio album is released in Bangladesh – it is available for download in many Bangladeshi audio/video download sites. Drama and movies are also available for download in these sites within a very short time. This is causing a real time irreversible damage to the Bangladeshi Audio/Video industry. BTRC, understanding the fact, has taken an initiative to shutdown/block numbers of websites to protect the industry. I know this will annoy us a bit as we download our favourite music, drama or movies from these sites for free. But I personally believe that this will help our audio/video industry to flourish more – related people will be benefitted and will be encouraged more to create better things in future. Many of the audio/video production companies have complained to BTRC (from Confidential Sources) and have reported against numbers of websites that are allowing to download those companies’ materials illegally without their consent.

I am not sure how far BTRC can move, but publishers of these websites will definitely look for alternatives. May be some new beneficial groups will emerge in different forms.

Qubee offers 5 new packages

It seems that Augere could learn something from the responses they got from their initial packages. They’ve refined their offers and it seems that they’ve started understanding what people want from them. Current packages are as follows:

Source: Qubee website

Source: Qubee website

Even the modem price has gone down. This was required for them to compete against the existing wireless (or mobile) internet service providers. But they couldn’t get out of the volume based offers. Five (5) Gigabytes for 1250 taka is still high. If they want to get the attention of mass internet users they need to offer something for less than 700 taka with minimum 10 GB data transfer.

Bangladesh government has lifted youtube ban !! – Youtube is now unbanned in Bangladesh

Bangladesh govt has finally lifted up the ban that was imposed on accessing youtube. I am really confused whether the ban has served the purpose it was imposed for. Rather, it grew curiosity among the people on what really caused the government to do so. Therefore I believe the output was infact negative, and the govt could sense so. But the damage has been done in the meantime. People of a democratic country thus couldn’t tolerate it.

People never like any restriction, specially it was a heavy shock to the newer generation. People now a days are dependent on youtube in many ways. It is not that they watch music videos, drama or use it for entertainment purposes only. Many tech savvy people depend on youtube for various video tutorials or other informative videos.