Robi Internet Packages, price, validity & Activation Codes

Robi Internet Packages, Validity, Price, Activation code:

Updated: 24th March 2019

Volume Price Validity Activation Code
250MB 46 30 *123*110#
750MB @ 31tk 74 14 *123*0074#
1GB 119 30 *123*0119#
1.5GB 101 7 *123*101#
2GB 41 3 *123*041#
2GB 209 30 *123*209#
3GB (2GB + 1GB 4G) 48 3 *123*48#
4GB(3GB Regular + 1GB 4G) 108 7 *123*0108#
4GB 316 30 *123*316#
6GB (3GB+3GB 4G) 129 7 *123*0129#
7GB (5GB+2GB 4G) 399 30 *123*399#
10 GB (7GB Regular + 3GB 4G) 199 7 *123*0199#
10 GB (7GB Regular + 3GB 4G) 501 30 *123*501#
15 GB 649 30 *123*649#
1 GB, 50 Mins, 100 SMS 98 7 *123*098#
1 GB, 75 Mins, 30 SMS 149 30 *123*149#
2 GB, 150 Mins, 150 SMS (Prepaid) 251 30 *123*251#
2 GB, 150 Mins, 150 SMS (Postpaid) 251 30 *123*251#
200 MB, 20 Mins 29 7 Scratch Card
600 MB, 30 Mins, 30 SMS (Prepaid) 58 7 *123*058#
600 MB, 30 Mins, 30 SMS (Prepaid) 58 7 *123*058#
60 MB (any use) +40MB Bonus for FB, IMO 10 3 *123*0010#
100 MB + 100MB FB IMO BONUS 19 3 *123*019#
350 MB IMO 18 28 *123*56#
350 MB Facebook & Whatsapp 18 28 *123*0250#
400 MB + 400 MB FB IMO Bonus 59 30 Scratch Card
600 MB + 200 MB FB IMO Bonus 49 7 Scratch Card
600 MB any use + 200MB FB & IMO Bonus 49 7 *123*049#


Source:  Robi Axiata Website.

GrameenPhone Internet Packages, Validity, Price, Activation Code

GrameenPhone Internet Packages, Validity, Price, Activation code:

Updated: 24th March 2019

Volume Price Validity Activation Code
5MB 2.5 3 *121*3002#
250MB @ 31tk 31 3 *121*3083#
2GB 44 3 (72hours) *121*3242#
1GB Weekly 86 7 *121*3056#
1.5GB 104 7 *121*3344#
2GB Weekly 129 7 *121*3058#
4GB Weekly 179 7 *121*3084#
6GB(3GB Regular + 3GB 4G) 148 7 *121*3262#
10GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G) 198 7 *121*3133#
1GB 189 30 *121*3390#
1538MB 229 30 *121*3027#
3.5GB (2.5GB Regular + 1GB 4G) 337 28 *121*3009#
3GB 279 30 *121*3391#
5.5GB (3.5GB Regular + 2GB 4G) 427 28 *121*3010#
5GB 399 30 *121*3392#
6GB 609 28 *121*3012#
10GB 649 30 *121*3393#
20GB 998 30 *121*3394#
115MB 56 30 *121*3005#
85MB 37 7 *121*3004#
555MB 149 28 *121*3007#
Whatsapp pack 26MB 2.5 3 *121*3063#
Viber pack 26MB 2.5 3 *121*3070#
Heavy Video pack 6 3 *121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days 1.5 3 *121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB) 5 3 *121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days 18 28 *121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days 6 7 *121*3023#


Source:  GrameenPhone Website.

Banglalink 5GB Bonus Internet for FREE

banglalink 5gb Internet bonus for free

Good news for Banglalink users. It is offering 5GB Bonus Internet to experience their 4G Internet. The validity is 5 Months and 1GB every month.

I have tested and it is even working in 3G. It means the Bonus can be used in 3G network and with 3G handsets also.

The activation code for 5GB Bonus Internet is: *5000*456#

Hurry up and grab the offer!!

How to delete Windows.old folder after Windows 10 update

I always keep adequate space in the system Partition (most of the times “C” drive). Because, the empty space is required to store various system files or Temporary Application files. Not enough space on this partition can often slow down the computer. I had 50+ GB free space in this 100 GB partition and only till a couple of days back – when I discovered my C drive is running out of space.

I was a bit confused on what could take so much space all of a sudden. I checked the drive and found a folder named “Windows.old” occupying  around 30 GB space. I know Windows.old folders are created when we re-install the Windows and don’t delete the old Windows files. But, in my case – this shouldn’t happen. Because, I haven’t re-installed Windows and this OS (Windows 10) is the one I have been using since I purchased my Laptop.

Finally, I discovered the folder Windows.old  has been created by the Windows 10 itself after a recent update. It backed up the old version in windows.old folder. It is a safety mechanism implemented so that the system can roll back incase the update fails. The Folder is then retained so that we can roll back to previous version incase we face issue even after successful update.

Since my Windows 10 is running fine after the update – I don’t need that Windows.old folder anymore. Deleting it will give me 30 GB free space. I could have delete the folder right away. But, I thought I should first check what should be the proper way to delete this folder.

After spending some time researching I found I can delete this Windows.old folder in three ways.

1. How to Properly delete Windows.old folder from the Disk Cleanup option:

  • Right click on the System Drive (C drive in most of the cases) and click “Properties”.
  • Now Click on “Disk Cleanup”

windows 10 disc cleanup utility

  • Now click on “Cleanup System Files”

windows 10 cleanup system files

  • Now Select the option “Previous Windows installation(s) and finally press “OK”.

disk cleanup delete system files old windows


2. How to Properly delete Windows.old folder from Windows Storage Settings:

    • Go to Windows 10 settings by Clicking on Windows Start  and the Setting icon.

Windows 10 settings

  • Now Type in “Storage” and the option “Storage Settings” will appear. Click on “Storage Settings”.

windows 10 settings page


2 A. Delete Windows.old folder using Storage Sense:

  • Click on “Change how we free up space automatically”.

windows 10 storage sense delete windows.old folder

  • Select the option “Delete previous versions of Windows” and finally click on “Clean Now”.

windows 10 storage sense delete windows.old folder

2 B. Delete Windows.old folder using Temporary Files Settings:

  • Go to the “Storage Settings” page. Click on “Free up space now”.

Windows 10 delete windows.old folder using temporary files settings

  • Select the option “Previous Windows Installation(s)” and finally click on “Remove Files”.

Windows 10 delete windows.old folder using temporary files settings


You can delete the Windows.old folder by any of the above three methods. But please be sure that – you no longer need it, your Windows 10 is functioning properly, You don’t need to roll back as all your applications are working fine and finally, you really need to free up space. Windows creates this Windows.old folder for some reasons and I have described that at the very beginning of the article. Feel free to share your views or suggestion (if any) through commenting.

10 best Web Hosting companies – Plans & Pricing 2019

# 1

hostgator logo

HostGator is the largest shared hosting service provider in the whole world. There are good reasons for which millions of clients host there websites with HostGator. There service quality and support is superb and that is what set's them apart from others. Following are their Shared hosting packages:

shared hosting packages of hostgator

Besides Shared hosting - HostGator offers: Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers.

# 2

siteground logo

SiteGround is popular hosting service provider which is known for its rock solid services and unbeatable support. Their shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of siteground


Besides Shared hosting - SiteGround offers: Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting.

# 3

siteground logo

Eleven2 is a US-based web hosting service with a global presence. It was founded in 2003 and its office address is in Los Angeles. Eleven2 offers two types of shared hosting - Shared hosting with Standard storage and Shared hosting with SSD. Eleven2's shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of eleven2
SSD shared hosting packages of eleven2
Eleven2 Offers other services like: Reseller Hosting, SSD Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Hosting.

# 4

bluehost logo

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million. If you are looking for a good web hosting company, you have probably heard of Bluehost. They are a popular and quickly growing web hosting company. BlueHost's shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of bluehost

Bluehost Offers other services like: Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Servers.

# 5

ipage logo

iPage is a popular web hosting platform for a very big number of websites. It is one of those inexpensive hosting providers who provides quality hosting services with great support. iPage shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of ipage

iPage Offers other services like: Dedicated Hosting & VPS Hosting.

# 6

justhot logo

JustHost is a simplified hosting provider which provides hosting packed with a lot of features - backed by their extremely good support. JustHost shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of justhost

JustHost doesn't offer any other services - but they do offer useful marketing tools (Google Ads credit) to get started well.

# 7

7uphost logo

7upHost is global web hosting service provider operating from Bangladesh. Established in 2008 it has been serving clients from all over the world. They offer rock solid hosting with a friendly support. 7upHost shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of 7uphost

7upHost offers all kinds of web hosting besides shared hosting: SSD Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, Managed AWS Hosting, Google Cloud, GSuite and Professional Email Hosting services.

# 8

A2 Hosting logo

A2 Hosting is much talked web hosting service provider now a days for their diversified hosting services. Their shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers a variety of services like: WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server.

# 9

DreamHost logo

DreamHost is one of those veteran web hosting providers still popular across the globe. Their shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of dreamhost

Other Services by DreamHost: Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Hosting.

# 10

GreenGeeks logo

GreenGeeks is wellknown as an environment freidnly hosting service Provider. Their datacenters are powered by renewal energy sources. They are also reputed for their incredible hosting services and support. Their shared hosting packages are as follows:

shared hosting packages of greengeeks

GreenGeeks offers a variety of web hosting solutions, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting and dedicated Hosting.

Whitelist IP or IP range in/out using iptables

#Flush existing rules
iptables -F

# Set up default DROP rule for eth0 (Assuming eth0 is the Ethernet Port)
iptables -P INPUT DROP

# Allow existing connections to continue
iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -m state –state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT

# Accept everything from the 192.168.0.x network
iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s -j ACCEPT

# Allow connections from this host to
iptables -A OUTPUT -o eth0 -d -j ACCEPT

Bangladeshi Passport – VISA free, On Arrival & eVISA Country list

Bangladeshi passport is one of the weakest Passports in the world. If you are one of the Bangladeshis – you probably are aware of the hassle of getting Visa when you intend to travel abroad. Fortunately, the doors are much welcoming for Bangladeshi passport holders in some of the countries. Here is the list of those countries:

VISA Free entry – Bangladeshi passport holders can travel the following countries without any Visa:
1. Bahamas
2. Barbados
3. Bhutan
4. Dominica
5. Fiji
6. Gambia
7. Grenada
8. Haiti
9. Indonesia
10. Jamaica
11. Lesotho
12. Micronesia
13. Saint Kitts and Nevis
14. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
15. Trinidad and Tobago
16. Vanuatu

On-Arrival Visa – The following countries provide Visa on-arrival:

1. Benin
2. Cape Verde
3. Comoros
4. Guinea-Bissau
5. Madagascar
6. Maldives
7. Mauritania
8. Mozambique
9. Nepal
10. Somalia
11. Timor-Leste
12. Togo
13. Tuvalu

eVisa – The following requires you to Fill out an online application and obtain an eVisa:
1. Cambodia
2. Djibouti
3. Gabon
4. Kenya
5. Kyrgyzstan
6. Malaysia
7. Myanmar
8. Qatar
9. Rwanda
10. Sri Lanka
11. Uganda
12. Zambia
13. Zimbabwe

Seychelles Provides a Visitor’s permit and Samoa provides Entry permit on-arrival.

Bangladeshi BDIX & Local Broadband FTP list

* Crazyhd

* KS Network

* Zero Dollar Movies

* Anabil Adda

* Tetrasoft BD

* Matchnet

* Classic Network

* Broadband@Home

* Shihab IT

* Brothers IT

* Bijoy.Net Software

* Film-Jogot

* ATS-Media-Server


* Free-Download-BD

* Anabil-Adda

* Gen-Videos

* My-Tube

* DFN-BD-Tube


* Video-Mela

* Broadband@Home

* PC-Software

* Ontohin BD


* Sam Online

* Sam Online Live

* Circle Network

* B Net


* Bot-Tola

* KS Network

* Moja Loss

* Gen Videos

* Voot BD

* Boka Shoka

* Dhaka-Torrent

* PC-Software-2

* English Drama

* Mobile Software

* KS Gaming Realm

* Game Portal

* Pegleg

* Big Five Glories

* Bangla Movies

* Bangla Film HD

* Bangla Movies-2

* Bangla Natok

* Bangla Natok HD

* Live TV

* Web TV

* Internet TV

* Live Streaming

* Filehippo Software

* Bijoy.Net Software

* Eirtel Software

* KS Gaming Realm

* Game Portal

* Live TV

* Web TV

* Internet TV

* Live Streaming

* Join4Films

* TV Shows

* Film

* Serial

* 3D Movies

* Animated Movies

* Bangla Natok

* Music Video

* Music

* Free-Torrent-BD

* Dhaka Download

* Eirtel BD

* Torrent-BD

* Natural-BD

* All-News

* Dfnbd

* Timepass BD

* Antaranga Dot Com


* Dhaka Torrent

* CrazyHD Torrent

* Best Torrent

* Torrent BD

* Paitara Torrent

* Paitara 2

* BDIX Torrent

* DFN Tube

* Narm Tube

* Natural BD Tube


* Matchnet TV Show

* Filehippo Software

* Eirtel Software

* Doridro

* Ontohinbd Torrent

* Azibtorrent Torrent

* Tepantorbd Torrent

* Ontohinbd Torrent2

* Games

* Games-2

* I-Hub-TV

* Pipex-TV

* Jagobd-TV

* Ebox-TV

* TV-Sports