Qubee with so called “Sky is the limit” package!!

Qubee could well understand their lacking in business policy making. Their product design was not successful initially. They came up with more flexible packages later on. But still they found that Bangladeshi people are not responding well enough with their packages capped with data transfer limit. They are now offering two new packages withdrawing all previous offers of 256 & 512 kbps. The current packages are as follows:

Source: Qubee website

Source: Qubee website

Initially the packages seemed very lucrative to me compared to many other available options in the market. I became curious and called the qubee hotline to know more about it. I asked the qubee representative what actually they tried to mean by “Fair Usage Policy”. They answered me that If some one’s usage is very high, they are going to warn the user at a certain point. This means with 256/512 kbps speed, if someone downloads continuously qubee is  going to “WARN” you that your usage is violating “FAIR USAGE POLICY”. Then I asked whether they are going to impose any restriction if someone violates the Fair usage policy. They answered me that the packages offer unlimited usage and they are not going to impose any restriction. Then finally I asked them what if someone continues to download violating the fair usage policy and the warning? To be honest they didn’t answer this question of mine directly.

What this means is that they will probably reduce the bandwidth after some time. This is not an old practice in Bangladesh. We have seen GrameenPhone/Citycell offering unlimited internet packages and after few days their throughput (Speed) going down when the number of subscriber went high. This will probably happen to qubee customers also.  These ISPs are there for business. The cost of dedicated 256/512 kbps is way higher than what qubee offers. 512 kbps dedicated bandwidth (through submarine cable) costs 9 thousand taka (1 mbps = 18 thousand taka). Qubee is offering it with 2250 taka.  I’ll leave the rest to your understanding.

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  1. Hossan Mohammad Shahriar

    Nice review. Me likeo. =]
    Though I understand the cost of the a dedicated line but still to my assessment the price is way too high. Rather then “WARNING” the customer to limit the download they should limit themselves from putting too much subscriber under a particular line. Say, for 1Mbps (BDT18K)they should limit the number of subscriber to say,… 5 (each paying BDT5.25K towards a total BDT26.25K). That should be a “FAIR Business POLICY” for themselves and users will not need to follow any “FAIR USAGE POLICY”. But at the end of the Day QB is a BD ISP and we all know that all BD ISPs know is how to be a profitmonger. Goodluck BD IT consumers.

  2. Fair Usage Policy:

    If you download all day long and if a user of the locality is affected due to your downloading then qubee will reduce your download speed for 3 days.

    The question is, by how much will they reduce the speed. Well, I’m gonna find out cuz I’m gonna download all day and see what they do, hehehe.

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