BanglaLion starts as the second WiMAX service provider in Bangladesh

The second WiMAX operator has started its journey in Bangladesh. As far as I could learn from Banglalion’s website, they are offering their services in selected areas of Dhaka City. But definitely they’ll spread out soon. Their offers are cheaper than the first operator – Augere (QUBEE). But they couldn’t get out of the download cap too like qubee. Their offers are as follows:

Users PackPackage No.SpeedsMonthly Subscription (TK)Monthly Usage
StarterP1128 kbps6003 GB
Value Pack (Option A)P2256 kbps10005 GB
Value Pack (Option B)P3256 kbps12508 GB
Value Plus (Option A)P4512 kbps215010 GB
Value Plus (Option B)P5512 kbps250015 GB
Home PlusP6768 kbps300017 GB
Home ProP71 mbps375020 GB
Mega PackP82 mbps700025 GB
Jumbo PackP95 mbps1500030 GB
  • 300tk activation fee applies (waive with 1 year sign up)
  • Additional Usage Tk. 0.15/MB
  • All charges are excluding VAT

Source: BanglaLion Website.

BanglaLion is offering three types of connectivity:

  1. Connectivity through outdoor unit (costs 10000 taka, supports upto 6 users)
  2. Connectivity through indoor unit (costs 7000 taka, supports upto 6 users)
  3. Connectivity through WiMAX Dongle (A pen drive like device for single user)

Their offer’s are more diversified than Qubee. Currently they are offering 9 packages with different Bandwidth and download caps.

They are infact a step ahead than qubee by offering speeds upto 5 mbps. I hope BanglaLion’s entry will initiate a competition between the two operators and will ultimately bring out some really cool offers for their clients.


  1. Nasif says:

    Takar obhab ! Modem kinar taka pamu koi :S

  2. Dear sir/madam,
    Thank you so much to introduce WiMAX. I m S.M. Ariful Haq form Ashkona beside the hazz camp opposite of the airport. I wanna take connection for from you. Its very unguent.I wanna buy your device today. Please contact with me as soon as possible. I m waiting for you reply………. Have a nice day…..

    Best Regards,

    S.M.Ariful Haq (Manon)
    114/D, Ashkona, Medical road, Hazz camp, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

  3. Hasnat says:

    did Banglalion start their service to Bangladesh !!!!!!!!!

    It seems, they are not a Wimax service provider. They should have been just a dial up connector( or something else ). Banglalion failed to start their service as they announced which is not a sign of Wimax service( since the word wimax itself says about speed and commitment) .

    If someone does not have such infrastructure and capital to start a service in this time where technology does not allow to drop the communication even for few millisecond , they should not join in the drive on highway. It better to have a ride on street for slow enterprise like banglalion.

    Hasnat, 28-Dec,09
    Signed up at Banlalion Web for connection on 31-May,09 from Mirpur-10.

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