Why Google Drive is the better choice than Dropbox in Bangladesh

Google Drive is better than Dropbox

If you are residing in Bangladesh and you are using Dropbox as you cloud storage solution – It is good time to switch to Google Drive. There are many other reasons why Google drive is preferable – but the most important of those is the network speed issue in Bangladesh.

I would not start the debate on which one offers better service – or premium version of which one is cheaper (Although I will clearly put Google Drive ahead in this race).

Many of the ISPs in Bangladesh offer higher speed (compared to actual Internet Bandwidth) for YOUTUBE. For example: someone with 2mbps Internet connectivity may get 10mbps speed when (s)he streams through Youtube.

I am not sure how this higher bandwidth is supplied for Youtube, but as far as I remember reading a news which said Google to get some bandwidth from BTCL/BSCCL. Due to (whatever) arrangement Google had – people in Bangladesh are getting bandwidth in abundance when using Google services. This includes accessing Google Play store and Google Drive as well. I noticed I get way higher speed when I download attachment from Gmail as well.

Therefore, if you switch to Google drive from Dropbox – you’ll get higher speed for Google Drive. File transfer will be much faster.




Google introduces Google Voice !! Free calls to USA & Canada

I logged into Gmail this morning and found a new thing. I saw “Call Phone” in my contact list.

Contact list in Gmail

When I click on it, I saw the gmail chat window appearing and it was a phone dialer. There was a link in the dialer saying I need to install the plugin of Google voice. I did it Restarted the browser, logged into Gmail again, and now after clicking on “Call Phone” I saw the dialer and dialed a Canadian number and talked to a senior brother of mine. The voice quality was even better than that of direct phone call and there was no lag.

Google Voice Dialer

You can make unlimited free phone calls to USA and Canada. You can even call other countries with a nominal call rate. Moreover your account comes with $.10 credit free of cost so that you can make a test call to other countries. The call rate for Bangladesh is $.10 per minutes. Therefore you’ll be able to call a Bangladeshi number and talk 1 minute using the free credit.

You can find the calling rate in this link:  Call Rate of Google Voice

You can deposit money using credit cards. Anyway, this will be a very good news for people whose relatives live in USA or Canada – Enjoy unlimited free calls.