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I was having problem finding Windows 7 iso download links. I discovered it can only be downloaded from Microsoft website if you have the Product key with you. However, you might not always have the product key with you or it is possible that the product key you have was supplied by your computer vendor which is not recognized by Microsoft. In that case you’ll not be able to download Windows even if you have a valid product key. If you are in this situation- the following part of the post is for you:

X17-59186.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Professional (x64)

MD5: ed15956fe33c13642a6d2cb2c7aa9749

SHA1: 0bcfc54019ea175b1ee51f6d2b207a3d14dd2b58

X17-59183.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Professional (x86)

MD5: 0bff99c8310ba12a9136e3d23606f3d4

SHA1: d89937df3a9bc2ec1a1486195fd308cd3dade928

X17-58997.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium (x64)

MD5: da319b5826162829c436306bebea7f0f

SHA1: 6c9058389c1e2e5122b7c933275f963edf1c07b9

X17-58996.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium (x86)

MD5: 0afa9359c62dc7b320205d3863c60385

SHA1: 6071b4553fcf0ea53d589a846b5ae76743dd68fc

X17-59465.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (x64)

MD5: c9f7ecb768acb82daacf5030e14b271e

SHA1: 36ae90defbad9d9539e649b193ae573b77a71c83

X17-59463.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (x86)

MD5: 2572274e6b0acf4ed1b502b175f2c2db

SHA1: 65fce0f445d9bf7e78e43f17e441e08c63722657

Similar ISO’s:
X17-24208.iso Windows 7 x86 Home Prem SP1

MD5: c5bb99b2f1a9e7a5b4fbc6e3eff70882

SHA1: 22df3e5a80f8dbf014c2776a01b1cd9f24d83233

X17-24209.iso Windows 7 x64 Home Prem SP1

MD5: 203e92593699729480b4d268cc0aadc8

SHA1: ef8bc36ea1b90bac5bc9993ff02b53a44a357a12

X17-24280.iso Windows 7 x86 Professional SP1

MD5: befd4f1e00ec8da2effbd789f4e66fbf

SHA1: 917a542b0541054bb9c2a06a11a46aed6943856b

X17-24281.iso Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1

MD5: 338f3245d68527db47b8a44e55317d0a

SHA1: 5ed2584110e03f498db4458ba9fafd5a7ef602ed

X17-24394.iso Windows 7 x86 Ultimate SP1

MD5: 24f3a45d43d7c532aa3126cc094c61bd

SHA1: 92c1ada4ff09c76ec2f1974940624cab7f822f62

X17-24395.iso Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1

MD5: 56a26636ec667799f5a7f42f142c772d

SHA1: 1693b6cb50b90d96fc3c04e4329604feba88cd51


Disclaimer: I did not upload or create the mirror. These links are for genuine windows users.

37 thoughts on “Download Windows 7 Iso – Active Links

  1. this was sogenerous of you — I used to dl them from digital river whenever I had an issue with viruses, etc., but MS no longer permits downloads if your license was anything other than retail. Plus, I’m downloading at over 6 megs — digital river was less than 100k! seriously, I am very grateful for the time you spent.

  2. Thank you so much for this, the activation key on the bottom of my laptop had faded after years of use and I really needed the iso to re-install the OS, so I appreciate this a lot!

  3. Ditto. I have DELL OEM and needed to reinstall.
    MS website would not recognize my license and no need to waste time on a phone call now. Assume the mirrors will die at some point, but I have my disk now filed safely away.

  4. Was looking everywhere for this! Thank you for taking the time out to upload these, you have saved me a lot of frustration, very grateful.

  5. Digital river links don’t work but when i download from google drive it has a .file not .iso extension. why? thanks

  6. thx so much 4 thiz one, u r 2 man!!!
    foggin morons @ M$ hate them 4 pullin the digital river content…

    hope thiz get´s som d0rrend backup, just 2 be sure u know

  7. Thank you bro. A pity Microsoft took down the download, it was great of them initially to provide it. And now thanks to you it can still be obtained. God bless.

  8. I never NEVER leave comments on places like this. Until now. Like the above people I wasted countless hours trying to find an OEM version of Windows 7 Pro. digitalriver is gone and microsoft offers the product key verification on their website to download the software instead. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK FOR OEM keys??? WTF.
    HOWEVER, There’s this guy, Hasib, who saved my ass and posted them on a google drive. THANK YOU HASIB!

  9. Hasib Bhai(Brother) Job well done

    Like so many ppl above I read the comments but never leave a comment. You have really really done a great job. MashaAllah

    Digital river is dry…..But thank the Almighty you have them on google drive

  10. HASIBUL ISLAM, a 1000 Thank You’s, I have struggling with my grand daughter’s laptop for 4 days trying to recover the recovery image from her defective hard drive. No luck. Found the Digital River site. No Luck. Went to the MS site and enetered the product key, she had a vendor installed Windows 7. No luck. Then I found your site!! Many many thanks!

    1. download the file and rename it as .iso… and burn to disk…

      I’m leaving this comment because even I took sometime to figure it out how to open it. This will help who will have the same issue…

      Also many thanks to Hasibul great work….

  11. Thanks mate, you’re a life saver.I needed a compaq specific win 7 home premium, and you are the only one that had one! I’ve only recently upgraded to win 7 from xp, and I too have found out the hard way that bloody microshaft are too busy trying to stuff win 10 down everyone’s throat to look after win 7 users any more.

  12. Many thanks, your work is much appreciated. Somehow I managed to lose my original ISO, so it was great to find a copy here.

    Please note that HowToGeek has good articles on how to install Windows 7 fully updated to March 2016, without having to wait for all the updates from Windows Update. See:


    That’s especially useful now, since Microsoft seem to be throttling those updates, which take ages, probably as another not-so-subtle way to get people to update to Windows 10. (Don’t do it! To quote Fay Schopen from the Guardian (

    4. Updating your operating system

    You definitely need an electric shock if you ever find yourself considering this. It’s a lie. Your system will not run more efficiently – it will delete all the pictures of your cat and BBC iPlayer will never work properly again.)


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