Random writings from the trash can …

In many movies or TV shows I saw many a writers (famous) trying to write something but wasting their papers with garbage writings and dumping those. Finally they write something wonderful. Well, that’s why they are good writers. That’s when I started to give a go. Who knows, dumping papers in the trash can in numbers may help me write something kewl (!).

Sky is the limit …

We often use the words “sky is the limit” or “sky high”. Can anyone say- what possibly is the height of the sky? Could anyone found the boundary where the sky ends? May be someone knows the answers of these question, but I don’t know honestly. May be human ambition is also something like that. We can’t really put a boundary for it. We live between the reality and ambition like the way we do live between the earth and the Sky. Here the earth is the reality and Sky is the ambition. Whatever our ambition might be we are always closer to the reality exactly the way we are always closer to the earth rather than flying towards the sky. But we always try to jump off the earth and grab the stars, reality pulls us to the earth. Not everyone cherish to grab the star, not everyone who desire to reach the stars reaches it. We can never stop our mind to limit our ambition.

Who Am I?

Sometimes I go through some strange feelings. I look at my hands, I see it can move. But how am I moving it? I look myself in the mirror and try to figure out who the person in the mirror is. Imagine if there were no mirrors, no photography, no sketch in the world, not even anything glacy which will reflect our face infront of our eyes. You would never know how you look. And then all of a sudden one day you could see yourself in a mirror – How will you feel when you see your face for the first time? Will it be anything different than a stranger you see for the first time on the road? Some boring and weird questions right? Sorry…

What’s the Fastest?

I never met Albert Einstein and didn’t hear anything myself, but people say that this man said -” Imagination is more important than knowledge “. Whatever famous people say become famous quote (!!) – that’s what I also thought. When I was a child someone asked me a question -“What is the fastest thing you can ever imagine?”. I answered – “Rocket”, as at that time I didn’t have any idea of the speed of the light. The person who asked me the question replied that I was wrong. “Speed of light” also wasn’t the right answer. He/she replied that it is the Human Mind which is the fastest of all. It takes the sunlight 8 minutes to reach the earth. But our mind can go to the sun not even consuming a split of a second, which 1 is faster?

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