Upgraded to WordPress Version 2.6.2 from version 2.2

I’ve recently upgraded the version of this wordpress blog from version 2.2 to version 2.6.2 . Although wordpress version 2.6.3 is available but still I had to go for 2.6.2 because wordpress was installed from the Fantastico (Free one click software bundle available in Cpanel) and 2.6.2 was the available update there. However I could feel the huge difference between the two versions although the out put in the web browser was same. It is the administration panel where I felt the improvement. The GUI is much user friendly with even richer graphics and options.

I was a bit tensed assuming that something might go wrong in the upgradation process. To extend the level of my tension I faced the first hurdle after the clicking the upgrade link in the fantastico when after the message appearing in the window said that the upgrade was successful and still many of the links like Categories, blogroll, links were not there in the homepage of the blog (https://hasibul.info/blog). The second problem I faced when I tried to login to the administration panel. After providing the username and password a message appeared saying that the memory limit is to low for me to browse the admin panel. I got more tensed because without the access to the admin panel I can’t post/moderate and control other features of the blog. However, as a precautionary step I backed up the database and all other files of the previous version. So I can say I was prepared for the rollback. But definitely I didn’t upgrade the blog to rollback to the previous version. Then I started googling and I found how to increase the memory limit.

The initial default memory limit was 8 MB. But for 2.6.2 version it required more. I found that there were three ways I can increase the php memory limit by adding a single line:

  • memory_limit = 12M (in php.ini file, recommended if you have access)


  • ini_set('memory_limit', '12M'); (in  sites/default/settings.php file


  • php_value memory_limit 12M (in the .htaccess file in the root folder)

The php.ini file wasn’t available. And since I couldn’t log in to the Admin panel, wordpress couldn’t upgrade the files and database properly. Therefore editing the wordpress settings files for version 2.2 was of no use for the version 2.6.2. So I went for the third option. I added the following line to the .htaccess file available in the /public_html or WWW folder of the site. It worked and after loging again in to the admin panel the wordpress automatically upgraded by changing necessary files and database entries. After this step everything in the blog homepage was perfect again.

Since this is the first post after the upgradation and I haven’t gone through thoroughly, I can’t explain the improved facilities in this version, but I can assure that this version is way different than what I used to have earlier.

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