3 Companies won WiMAX Licenses in Bangladesh

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Bangla Lion Communications, Brac BDmail Network Ltd and Augere Wireless Broadband Limited Bangladesh – won Licenses to operate as WiMAX operators in Bangladesh. These 3 companies won in the auction for a record breaking 31 million dollar or 215 crore taka. The previous record for WiMAX license fee was in Singapore (18 million Dollar).

Nine companies took part in the auction that held in the Radisson Hotel yesterday (24th September, 2008). Other six companies were – Bangladesh Internet Exchange Limited, Clearstream Rank (BD) Ltd, Mango Teleservices Ltd, P-1 Consortium, Telestart Communications Ltd and Vtel Bangla.

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Each of the companies have been alloted a chunk of 35 MHz frequency to operate. Mobile phone companies and relevant companies were barred to participate in this process.

According to the conditions in the license, the three companies will have to setup atleast 90 base stations within the first year and should start providing services by September 2009. Moreover, the whole country should be under coverage within three yeas. The service will consists of wireless data over a long distance, point to point and even cellular mobile data access.

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Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commision estimates that the number of internet users will exceed 1 crore once WiMAX becomes fully functional.

This indeed is a great news for all tech savvy people in Bangladesh, but some of the facts also suggests that WiMAX will not be any cheaper mean. Companies spending such a huge money will definitely try to get their money back. In a TV interview Mr. Mannan of Bangla Lion Communication said that they achieved the license spending a huge money which they want to cut loose by getting a foreign company who will co-invest with them. Besides, the equipments will still be very expensive for the end users. It will simply be a replacement of the current radio link point to point technology. Mobile data access has already been in Bangladesh for quite a long time. Introduction of 3G will also boost the existing mobile data services. Mobile phone companies will try to adopt 3G (Which is also almost as fast service as WiMAX) to compete with WiMAX. Since mobile phone companies already have a huge subscribers base and the 3G equipments (Mobile phones) are well within the reach of end users, 3G is in a better position to get attention by the Bangladeshis while the reach of WiMAX will boost the corporate sector for their ever growing demand of faster and wider data transfers.

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WiMAX or 3G, whatever it is, Bangladesh is adopting newer technologies quicker than many other countries – and these facts are enough to make us optimistic. Since ours is a small country with a huge population and limited resources, technologically sound population will be able to produce more using brain power and technology instead of industrialization- which we can’t afford in reality.

Hasibul Islam


12 thoughts on “3 Companies won WiMAX Licenses in Bangladesh

  1. Thanks for your report, Hasib. Well, I have seen some serious spelling mistakes (including the Reuters news) of the third company you mentioned. Although the name ‘AGURI’ has been promoted almost everywhere (newspapers, websites, TV news), the correct spelling will be ‘AUGERE’. Hence, the full name is Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd.

    Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. is financed by Augure, aamra networks and Sheba Telecom. While the later 2 (two) companies are from Bangladesh, Augere is a non-Bangladeshi company. You can have more information on Augere at http://www.augere.eu/index.html .

  2. Thanks Rakesh for pointing out the mistake. Actually I depended upon those news sites for this report and I found the spelling AGURI everywhere. However I should have searched the company name before I wrote such a report. The spelling has been corrected and I apologize for this unintentional mistake of mine.



  3. You are most welcome, Hasib. In fact, I still don’t know the details like, percentage of share and other things. I am just happy that our company is among the one who got the license.

    There will be a new brand name for promoting the WIMAX. There are many other plans that are being discussed here. Backed by huge funding, I am sure aamra networks is going to be among the top 5 biggest companies in 3 years.

  4. I’m really interested in online gaming with my Playstation 3. Can anyone please tell me if online gaming would be possible with either wimax or 3g??

  5. Hasib

    Thanks for the crisp report. I am curious to know the key people in Bangla Lion, Augere and Brac. If you know, please do let me know.

    I work for Beceem which is a leading WiMAX chipset vendor.


  6. Company Addresses:

    BanglaLion Communications
    House # 67, Road # 1, Block # I, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
    Phone: (880 2) 8814059-60, Fax: (880 2) 9885647

    BRAC BDMail Network Ltd.
    HQ & Operations; Kaderia Tower, Floor-12, 13 & 14, ZA-28/8/B, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212
    Phone: (880 2) 9884635, 9884637 Fax: (880 2) 9884587

    Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited
    AQC Towers, 57 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000
    Mobile: +44(0)7801712148 (Damian Reid)
    Email: damian.reid@augere.eu

    more for Augere at augere.eu

    Fred Roeskestraat 123-1
    1076 EE Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Second Floor, Berkeley Square House
    Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD
    T: +44 (0) 207 887 4580 F: +44 (0) 207 887 4579

    Spectrum Distribution (opted by companies):

    BanglaLion Communications: 2585 – 2620 MHz
    BRAC BDMail Network Limited: 2320 – 2365 MHz
    Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh: 2365 – 2400 MHz

  7. Thanks for the updates. Wimax In Bangladesh is a hot issue for last few years. As like all bangladeshi IT people, I also feel an excitement. But lot of matters shatter in my mind instantly. As I am not that much technology specialist or expert, lot of question marks are pinching me. I have read in the newspaper that this price is the highest one in the world. Is it true? Does the economics which have been created by our Telco Guardians favorable for the internet users of Bangladesh? Also does it matches with Socio-economic infrastructure of our country? What will be scenario between Wimax & 3G/4G in Bangladesh? I don’t know how much ISPs in Bangladesh has invested 200 crore BDT in their infrastructure? What will be the economics if they invest 200 crore BDT in their infrastructure? Also the utilities of using Wimax Internet matches the PC/Laptop penetration? I know who sold the licenses and who bought the licenses have a very clear explanation of these questions. But if they don’t have it, then Wimax in Bangladesh will remain dream for people like me. Meanwhile some people will enjoy the benefits and the project re-shuffles & restarts again, as we know this is the common culture of our country.

  8. new look of ur blog is good,ohh once again thanks for gathering all the info,do u only see hindi movies?i was looking forward to get some hollywood movie links here

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