3G to be tested experimentally by Ericsson in August

Ericsson will conduct a trial run of 3G for the first time in Bangladesh in the beginning of August. 2 hot spots in Dhaka has been chosen for this trial run. All necessary equipments have already arrived in Dhaka.

In a press conference on last Tuesday the Ericsson authority has demonstrated a blink of 3G service to the present journalists through a video call between two mobile phone set.

Bangladesh government will invite for 3G license soon. In the meantime two companies were awarded a temporary experimental license. Huawei is  the other organization to get that beside Ericsson.

Arun Bansal, the managing director of Ericsson Bangladesh has said that they are continuing research works on the deployment of 3G in Bangladesh and unlike the ISPs, they’ll be able to reach even the most remote part of the country through 3G. He also added that, the government of Bangladesh has encouraged this sector to flourish by reducing the cost of  bandwidth through Submarine cable.

The Ericsson officials said that it would take no more than 6 to12 months to deploy the full setup and cover the whole country through 3G network once they are given the license.

source: Daily Prothom Alo 

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