Traditional NSUFRENDZ Iftaar party!!!

It has been a tradition of NSUFRENDZ (name of our group) to organize an iftaar party every year. The first party took place at Mashook’s (currently residing in Canada) place and that was the first ever g2g of our frendz group. Since then there’s been such a g2g as a form of Iftaar party most of which took place at Asif’s (we call him Khala Asif) place at the rooftop of Concord tower at Bangla motor. This year’s party and the last one held at Ripon’s place at Dhanmondi. We started our journey as university students and now many of us are working at reputed places. Yet they were able to join the party and it was a true fun. We, NSUFRENDZ, feel proud that we are a group which are still intact after getting detached from where we started. Not everybody could make their way this year because of time constraints and other unavoidable reasons. Still many of us were there and they were: Arif (cadet), Asif (Khala), Asad, Musfiq, Mizan, Ripon, Najah, Sharier, Sayeed (Syed Khandakar), Muntasir, Imran and myself obviously. Thanks to Ripon for such a nice evening!!!

Some of the moments:

Having Ice Cream!!!

Affection to Ice Cream!!! :

Me and Musfiq

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