NSUCC vs NSUSS Football Fiesta..

There was a match between NSUCC (NSU Computer Club) vs NSUSS (NSU Shangskritik Shangathan) today. The match took place in the Banani DOHS ground, which is moderately a big enough ground. NSUCC vs NSUSS match has always been a fascinating event to watch, as both the club are like rivals in the sports arena. Last time the result of the football match between NSUCC and NSUSS was in favor of NSUSS. This time NSUCC overpowers NSUSS by beating them by a solitary goal. I played in this match. After a poor performance in the last tournament (Six-a-side), I wasn’t initially selected for the NSUCC team. But it’s the NSU authority who has given me a chance to play this match by putting final exam today ;), therefore, when many a selected players were busy with their exams, I went into the field probably at the 15 minutes time, and played as a SUBSTITUTE. I had to do nothing except for guiding a very good pass into the net of the opponent. Yes, I scored the goal and thanks to Anup bhai for such a nice pass. I couldn’t play much because of the same old problem of mine, STAMINA… No one could score another goal in the later part of the game. In the end, we won by that particular goal scored by myself. Thanks to our goal keeper, ASAD, for his superb defense and restricting NSUSS scoring atleast three sure goals. Rony bhai played superb as usual, infact he was the playmaker. Ashik is a solid defense and also a very good user of his head, and almost scored a goal. Munta seemed to me a bit tired today although he had to make a lot of ground. The junior’s panel- Roni (jnr), Fahmi, Shuvro, Chhoton, priom and Oronno played really well. Anup bhai was the man to watch in today’s match and also lets not forget MILTON… Riyadh’s STAMINA is not that better than mine, but he played well. Alamin has been the most lucky manager for us. We won all the matches that he stayed with us and played with us. We should have won by more than three goals difference but still we are happy with the way we won.  And I am also happy with myself, because the last two goals of mine helped my team win two consecutive matches. Lastly, I should thank all our supporters, who went to support us and provide a moral boost. Special thanks to our only female supporter at the venue, Brishti, who’s roar really was distinct among all our supporters.

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