Why Google Drive is the better choice than Dropbox in Bangladesh

Google Drive is better than Dropbox

If you are residing in Bangladesh and you are using Dropbox as you cloud storage solution – It is good time to switch to Google Drive. There are many other reasons why Google drive is preferable – but the most important of those is the network speed issue in Bangladesh.

I would not start the debate on which one offers better service – or premium version of which one is cheaper (Although I will clearly put Google Drive ahead in this race).

Many of the ISPs in Bangladesh offer higher speed (compared to actual Internet Bandwidth) for YOUTUBE. For example: someone with 2mbps Internet connectivity may get 10mbps speed when (s)he streams through Youtube.

I am not sure how this higher bandwidth is supplied for Youtube, but as far as I remember reading a news which said Google to get some bandwidth from BTCL/BSCCL. Due to (whatever) arrangement Google had – people in Bangladesh are getting bandwidth in abundance when using Google services. This includes accessing Google Play store and Google Drive as well. I noticed I get way higher speed when I download attachment from Gmail as well.

Therefore, if you switch to Google drive from Dropbox – you’ll get higher speed for Google Drive. File transfer will be much faster.




Bangladesh government has lifted youtube ban !! – Youtube is now unbanned in Bangladesh

Bangladesh govt has finally lifted up the ban that was imposed on accessing youtube. I am really confused whether the ban has served the purpose it was imposed for. Rather, it grew curiosity among the people on what really caused the government to do so. Therefore I believe the output was infact negative, and the govt could sense so. But the damage has been done in the meantime. People of a democratic country thus couldn’t tolerate it.

People never like any restriction, specially it was a heavy shock to the newer generation. People now a days are dependent on youtube in many ways. It is not that they watch music videos, drama or use it for entertainment purposes only. Many tech savvy people depend on youtube for various video tutorials or other informative videos.

Youtube inaccessible (Blocked) in Bangladesh !!

6th March 2007, 6 or 7 pm (not sure):

I found and error message when i tried to browse youtube.com . I tried to ping the site, the sites IP was resolved but it couldn’t ping. Then I tried the traceroute in command prompt ( tracert youtube.com). Again the IP was resolved but coudn’t trace a single node. I though it was a problem or a blockage at my ISP’s (xpressbd.net) side. I mailed them and in their reply they told me to check a few steps. I knew there wasn’t anything wrong at my side and mailed again. They again replied with the ping and traceroute result and concluding that it was a sort of blockage at BTCL end. However I called a few friends of mine some could access the site, and they were GP edge users. But others with different ISPs couldn’t.

There are more than 1 International Internet Gateway (IIG) in Bangladesh now a days (eg BTCL, Mango Telecom). I was unable to browse youtube.com from around 6/7 pm on 6th March. I asked a friend of mine who uses GP edge, and he said that He could browse youtube.com during 6/7 pm on 6th March. As far as I know GP uses bandwidth from both BTCL and Mango telecom and probably through V-SAT also. It could happen that the site was blocked/restricted from BTCL bandwidth first and then gradually Mango also followed. That’s because when I asked the same friend today (GP user) he said that he can’t browse today. It is possible to put restriction at every gateway. These are widely practised in China, Myanmar and many other countries where govt control the use of Internet. It is still possible someone can browse the site if they are using bandwidth directly from own V-SAT where it will take time for any authority to impose any kind of restriction.

Therefore I believe it can be some kind of restriction imposed on Bangladeshi Internet users, but I hope that it shouldn’t be a permanant one. It can be because of the current situation caused by the BDR mutiny incident. Youtube hosts numbers of videos/interviews of the BDR mutiny incident.