Hindi movies in Bangladeshi Theatres and multiplexes

Hindi Movie wanted in Bangladeshi Cinema halls

Hindi Movies will be screened in Bangladeshi theatres soon. Government has lifted the ban on screening Hindi cinema in Bangladesh. Prabhu Deva Directed Salman Khan’s Movie “WANTED” will be the first movie to be shown in Bangladeshi Cinema Halls. The screening may start right from next friday if the censor board permits.

Three more movies – Three Idiots, Tarey Zameen Par and Dhoom3 are the next three movies waiting in the list.

The debate on showing Hindi Cinema in Bangladeshi multiplexes  has been going on for a long time. There are enough excuses for debaters of both the sides who oppose and talks for showing Hindi cinema in Bangladesh. People who are in favor of showing Hindi Cinema are telling that – it will save the cinema halls and create a competition with local movies – which ultimately will improve the quality of Bangladesh Cinema Industry.

On the other hand – people who oppose are saying that – Hindi movies will destroy the in-house movie industry. They are also saying – Indian culture will destroy that of Bangladesh’s.

Source: Prothom-Alo.

BTRC is going to shutdown audio/video download websites in Bangladesh!!

As soon as any audio album is released in Bangladesh – it is available for download in many Bangladeshi audio/video download sites. Drama and movies are also available for download in these sites within a very short time. This is causing a real time irreversible damage to the Bangladeshi Audio/Video industry. BTRC, understanding the fact, has taken an initiative to shutdown/block numbers of websites to protect the industry. I know this will annoy us a bit as we download our favourite music, drama or movies from these sites for free. But I personally believe that this will help our audio/video industry to flourish more – related people will be benefitted and will be encouraged more to create better things in future. Many of the audio/video production companies have complained to BTRC (from Confidential Sources) and have reported against numbers of websites that are allowing to download those companies’ materials illegally without their consent.

I am not sure how far BTRC can move, but publishers of these websites will definitely look for alternatives. May be some new beneficial groups will emerge in different forms.