Can’t unhide files / folders after being infected by virus?

Getting virus infected is a daily occurrence for our pendrives. I never mind because I do have a very good virus protection tool, which will not allow the virus to spread into my system. In some cases what the virus does is that it hides all the folders, Changes widnows file/folder view options. Sometimes it doesn’t allow you to change the folder view settings. Well.. that matter is described in the following link:
Problem with “Show Hidden Files & Folders” in windows Folder Option – WORM_AUTORUN.RW

But here I’m going to share a new thing with you. After you clear up the viruses, after you fix the “Show hidden Folder option”- you may face that you are unable to unhide the folders in the pendrive. Those files/folders will remain Hidden as many times as you want to unhide them. If that’s the case I simply copied the contents of all the hidden folders to my local drive and then format the Pendrive (Pretty simple solution). But recently I faced this problem with the pendrive like storage of my LG Arena Phone set. This phone has a 8 GB internal memory and I often use it as a pendrive. Unfortunately I plugged this phone into a virus infected PC and it got virus infected too. I cleared up the virus files, but was unable to unhide the folders. Now, here I can’t just format the whole storage as there were many other system folders for that phone. I started googling and found a pretty simple solution at kioskea website. The solution was something like this:

1. click start>>run>>type in “cmd”
2. type the location of your flash drive.. e.g. “d:”, “e:”, “f:”, etc..
3. type “dir /ah”
*you will now see the files/folders with hidden attributes
4. type “attrib [name of file/folder] -r -a -s -h”
*if you’re going to unhide files, you should type the whole name plus the extension (format).. example “attrib picture.jpg -r -a -s -h”
**if you have folders with 6 characters and above, type the first 6 characters then “~1”.. example for folder named “birthday”
“attrib birthd~1 -r -a -s -h”
5. you should repeatedly type dir /ah after unhiding some files/folders so you’ll know if they’re now working or not..
6. now check your flash drive.. it should be there..

I hope this will help you if you are facing the same problem as mine.