Going to Sherpur – My native land

My native land, which we call in bangla as “Dada Bari/Graamer Bari”, is situated in the District of Sherpur. It is among the least popular districts and people often mix it up with Bogra-Sherpur. But the district is very rich in the sense of natural beauty. Few people other than the district people could explore it properly. Those who couldn’t yet figure out where the district is actually situated, It is straight above Dhaka in the map of Bangladesh. It is also a border district neighboring the TURA in the Indian side, and Mymensingh, Jamalpur and Netrokona inside Bangladesh. The distance from Dhaka is about 180 KM, but the distance may vary as there are some other routes other than the main Dhaka-Mymensingh-Sherpur route. The old route was through Tangail-Jamalapur. I still remember the days when we used to go through that route, as it was like a journey with a BUMPER CAR. But the communication is so easy now a days that, I start from the garage of my Dhaka residence, and I get down from the car at the garage of my “Graamer Baari”. “Gazni” is the most well known place in this district, full of hills, forests, picnic spot and a nice lake… I’ll definitely write more about sherpur as I think people should know about this district. But I’ll have to go to bed early because my mother came to my room while I was writing this post and warned me that its me who have to drive the 180 KM distance. Inshallah, I’ll try to write something about my native land while I’ll be at my native land… Till then… Goodbye…

Curfew – Behind the scene…

Last few days were so lifeless that I am feeling I’ve been in the jail for decades. I believe it’s not me only, its the general feeling of all the city dwellers… The impose of curfew by the government has almost stopped the wheel of the country literally. But the question is, whether this is acceptable or not?? Curfew is not acceptable, but the circumstance which brought this drastic decision to be taken by the government is much more responsible for the sufferings of the people. We all are well aware of what happened at DU between the Army men and the students. It is true that the way police reacted on the students was not acceptable, but what about the aftermath? That was nothing but an attempt of deteriorating the situation to such an extent which would further worsen the political situation of Bangladesh. Some of the so called experts mentioned that it was public grief and agony which helped this incident to extend to such a destructive actions which grew because of the uprising in the expenditure of the lifestyles. Was it really true?? Reformation can’t take place without some considerations. We all know that the present government is trying heart and soul to bring the clarity and establish a clean and clear atmosphere in all the sectors of the country. Unlike the traditional politicians the advisers of the current government are from the group of people who led life like us even a year ago and are also well educated and experienced in the sector they are working for. So they really know what really the public demands are and where the fault was… As a part of their cleanup operation one of our great (!!!) leader is in to the custody and another one has almost one step in there too. There is a big number of people who have been sufferer as a result and the incident of the 20th August gave them a chance to take a hand against the government. They are the politicians and they are ready to sacrifice everything (except for their own benefit) for the sake of their interest!!! The thing that happened with the DU students is definitely not acceptable but what happened outside the DU campus is not acceptable either. The flare was supplied by those selfish people who were the sufferer for the drastic actions taken by the government. I believe that these weeds will soon be removed from the society and no more incident like the 20th August (2007) incident will take place in Bangladesh.

NB: All the statements above are solely my personal opinion and it is not unusual that others might have different ideas/opinions.

NSU… Again!!!

It has been more than six years since I got my self engaged with NSU (North South University). The relation has become so deep that I can hardly think of missing NSU life… And probably I’ll not miss it for a couple or three more years… Yes, I have been selected as an MBA student at NSU. After being selected in the written test, it was my viva today. I went to the Business department and was waiting for my turn. At about 11:45 am, i was called into the viva room. I really become very nervous seeing so many people in the room including VC sir, Meshqat sir, GMD sir, JK sir and many more. The continuous bombardment of question destroyed my  moral, and it seemed like i was infront of some hungry lions/tigers and they were about to tear my flesh!!! I planned myself in such a way that I could answer all possible questions, but as soon as i entered the interview room, I almost forgot the reason I went there. They insisted me to set my mindset that I am not going to make it. I was told that the result will be published the next day, and after a very tiring day at the evening when I came to NSU again, I saw the list of the selected candidates for the MBA program. I wasn’t prepared for that, and i wasn’t prepared to see my name in the list either. However, I will keep coming to NSU inshallah… See you at NSU….

My first travel Experience with my friends!!

I didn’t have any travel experience with friends till April 2002. It was my first travel experience with friends and without any guardian. So it was like- bird flapped its wings for the first time to explore a whole new world. As I said there were no guardians and we friends had this tour on our own, it was a total responsibility of us, and this was a very new experience for me. We traveled to Cox’s Bazar, which is one of the most attractive part of Bangladesh to travel. I’ve gone there thrice, but the first time experience is always the unique.

Our first initial destination was Chittagong not Cox’s Bazar. My two other tour partners were Asif and Babu (both of them are school friends). We planned that we’ll go to Babu’s aunt’s residence, but later we had to change our plan and we had to stay at the Hotel in Chittagong. Our train journey from Dhaka to Chittagong was very interesting. We started in the afternoon and reached Chittagong in midnight, as the engine of our train went out of order twice. However, after reaching Chittagong, we felt that we should go to Cox’s Bazar. Initially we thought that we’ll not inform our family. But I couldn’t help saying to my mother. I called her and told that I’m going to Cox’s Bazar. She was a bit worried by I assured her that I’ll maintain my safety. We went to Cox’s Bazar by a Micro Bus, which Babu’s uncle (Khalu) managed for us. Just before we reach the Cox’s Bazar hotel zone, I saw the Bay of bengal for the first time as we were crossing the circle at the new beach. I can’t explain what my feeling was!!! It was a blue endless scene and my heartbeat grew double. However, we checked in to the hotel named -“Bay View”. It was a moderate enough hotel at the beach. In the balcony we had both beach view and also the hills. For two days we explored the beach and also explored what freedom means.

Babu and myself at the Beach

After two days and three night staying at Cox’s Bazar we started back for Dhaka, but didn’t forget to do some shopping. It has been five long years and I have traveled a lot since then, but the splashes of this tour will always remain in my mind…

Beach view from the hotel balcony

NSUCC vs NSUSS Football Fiesta..

There was a match between NSUCC (NSU Computer Club) vs NSUSS (NSU Shangskritik Shangathan) today. The match took place in the Banani DOHS ground, which is moderately a big enough ground. NSUCC vs NSUSS match has always been a fascinating event to watch, as both the club are like rivals in the sports arena. Last time the result of the football match between NSUCC and NSUSS was in favor of NSUSS. This time NSUCC overpowers NSUSS by beating them by a solitary goal. I played in this match. After a poor performance in the last tournament (Six-a-side), I wasn’t initially selected for the NSUCC team. But it’s the NSU authority who has given me a chance to play this match by putting final exam today ;), therefore, when many a selected players were busy with their exams, I went into the field probably at the 15 minutes time, and played as a SUBSTITUTE. I had to do nothing except for guiding a very good pass into the net of the opponent. Yes, I scored the goal and thanks to Anup bhai for such a nice pass. I couldn’t play much because of the same old problem of mine, STAMINA… No one could score another goal in the later part of the game. In the end, we won by that particular goal scored by myself. Thanks to our goal keeper, ASAD, for his superb defense and restricting NSUSS scoring atleast three sure goals. Rony bhai played superb as usual, infact he was the playmaker. Ashik is a solid defense and also a very good user of his head, and almost scored a goal. Munta seemed to me a bit tired today although he had to make a lot of ground. The junior’s panel- Roni (jnr), Fahmi, Shuvro, Chhoton, priom and Oronno played really well. Anup bhai was the man to watch in today’s match and also lets not forget MILTON… Riyadh’s STAMINA is not that better than mine, but he played well. Alamin has been the most lucky manager for us. We won all the matches that he stayed with us and played with us. We should have won by more than three goals difference but still we are happy with the way we won.  And I am also happy with myself, because the last two goals of mine helped my team win two consecutive matches. Lastly, I should thank all our supporters, who went to support us and provide a moral boost. Special thanks to our only female supporter at the venue, Brishti, who’s roar really was distinct among all our supporters.


In Bangladesh, the mobile phone companies emphasized mainly on voice service upto the end of 2005. Since then, the operators are introducing newer and modern technology to meet the data communication requirement of the clients. Other countries adopted those features long ago, specially the GPRS. GrameenPhone is the pioneer in introducing this type of data service to the people of Bangladesh. When GrameenPhone offered the service as a trial basis, Aktel announced the same sort of service… However, GP started staying a step ahead by offering EDGE where as Aktel started with GPRS. More over, after the trial period (to some selected users) GP’s service was available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Aktel offered the service to both type of users recently prior to what the service was only available to the post paid users. Banglalink on the other hand offered GPRS to its postpaid Enterprise users from the beginning of 2007, depriving the prepaid and normal postpaid users. TeleTalk has offered reasonable packages for both prepaid and postpaid users. Infact teletalk is the only operator to offer unlimited usage package to the prepaid users also. Warid started its operation with the GPRS facilty, but yet to offer any unlimited usage package. Citycell, country’s only CDMA operator, has however started its data service after adopting CDMA 2000 1xRTT technology country wide. The data service technology by Citycell is known as EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized). The service name is “My Citycell Zoom” and is only availble for the post paid users again depriving the prepaid users. Moreover, the package has flavor of both the time validation and data limit. This is not as cheap as the unlimited offers by the other operators nor as expensive as the Taka/MB offers.

Tariff plan for EDGE/GPRS/EVDO service:

General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) simply is an extension of the GSM standard to provide packet data services. It was introduced in late 2000. It can provide data rates from 56 to 114 Kbps and continuous connection to the Internet for mobile phone and computer users.

Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) is a radio based high-speed mobile data standard. It allows data transmission speeds upto 384 kbps to be achieved when all eight timeslots are used. In fact, EDGE was formerly called GSM384. This means a maximum bit rate of 48 kbps per timeslot. Even higher speeds may be available in good radio conditions.

EVDO or Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized (often abbreviated as EVDO, EV-DO, EvDO, 1xEV-DO or 1xEvDO) provides fast wireless broadband (3G) internet service. EVDO is based on the 1xRTT standard, which is available in almost all cell phone coverage areas and provides Internet speeds of about 2-3 times that of dial-up (about 60K-100K).

A comparison between different Data Standards:

An advanced level article on this topic is available in the following link:


Six-A-Side football tournament by NSUCC

I played in the team of “Buiras” today in the six-a-side football tournament organized by NSUCC. All the matches took place at the HAWA Bhaban ground. And you know what, we proved that “old is gold”… Yes, we are the champion… It was nice playing with old pals and we enjoyed it… Rony Bhai, Ahsan bhai, Mishuk bhai, Alamin, Muntasir, Riyadh, Zea, Shurid and myself- This was the team combination. Anup Bhai, Saimon (bibahito), Komol, Jubayer and ASHIK were beside us supporting in all possible ways. Thanks to our female member of the team- SIFA for scoring against the female opponents of the other teams. In the final match, we beat the Spartans in the Tie breaker 3-2. prior to that, the match was leveled at 2-2. And the interesting part is, the deciding goal of the tie breaker came from my shot. ;)… But I am not happy with my performance. I played really bad and missed many opportunities. However, this is because of the lack of stamina, which I’ll overcome soon Inshallah… Finally thanks to NSUCC for a wonderful event like this…

I got my VISA gold dual card!!!

After a long wait I got the VISA gold card. Its a dual card and I will be able to use it even if I go outside Bangladesh. My card is almost like a Debit card. It means, I’ll be able to use the amount that will be there in my account balance. I chose this option as it is a very safe mean of spending money through it. I will deposit the amount of money I require and then I’ll spend it, its easy and simple and also safe because if theft not much amount will be in risk. Its not that I could go for the usual credit card system. I could have that too… Now it is not yet ready to be used 🙁 . I’ll have to open an account and deposit money in foreign currency (US dollar). I hope it will not take much time, and soon I’ll be able to use it…

Internet and Submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE-4) in Bangladesh

Internet is probably the second largest service in terms of technology after the Telecom sector. Its wide variety of usage has enabled the internet users to communicate and share information vastly. The usage and users of Internet are growing in a very rapid exponential rate. Internet is infact the biggest network of computers and many other devices. So there must be a medium through which information/data is exchanged between these devices. For Bangladesh, the medium had been only the satellite communication, connecting a gateway might be at Hongkong, Singapore or somewhere else. The thing can be symbolically represent with the Water System. What I meant is that, the thing was like – You’ve to depend upon your neighbor who has the direct water connection, and you get your water from him, and as a container you use your bucket to transfer water to your home. Now think of how inefficient a system it used to be. Internet on the other hand is a two way dependencies, which is unlike the one way water system, where receiving is the only goal. Satellite communication is a slower yet a very costly mean of connectivity. However people in Bangladesh thought they are going to overcome the problem by getting connected to the long waiting SEA-ME-WE-4 optical fiber backbone. People thought that Internet availability will be at their fingertips, Robust speed will enable them to transfer information faster and in large volume. It has been about one and half year since Bangladesh got connected to SEA-ME-WE-4, but the question is how it has fulfilled the ever growing demand of bandwidth!!! Another question is , how efficiently has been the max capacity been used so far? I know there is nobody to answer my question, but it is not a negligible issue and we just can’t keep experimenting on this as the lifespan of this connectivity is about 15 years only!!! As far as I know the total bandwidth will be distributed between data communication and telecommunication. We can see some uplifting in the telecom sector after banning the illegal VOIP and also declaring the road map for the future of VOIP. But what about the other use of this bandwidth? Infact what should be the other use? Just availing the bandwidth to surf the internet? The answer is simply -“NO”… I can still remember what our respected Awal sir (MAA) used to say. To prove yourself worthy enough in the ICT serctor, you just simply have to have a PC and a good connectivity to the information highway. These are the basic component you require. However the ICT sector in total also requires same infrastructure but surely in a broader context. How effectively has the ICT sector been able to use this connectivity? I know the answer is definitely “Not Satisfactory”. Our neighboring country India has gone far ahead in ICT sector. If Bangladesh could have 10% of India’s ICT market, it would be ten times as big a market as the current garment/knit sector of Bangladesh. To emerge as an ICT enabled nation, Bangladesh is supposed to ensure the maximum use of this connectivity , which has been completely wasted so far. Special offers should be introduced to ICT/Software/Call Center type of services so that more and more entrepreneurs are interested to grab the opportunity and thus ensuring creation of more employment. There is no lack of talents in Bangladesh, the lack is only in planning and implementation of plans. Let’s not forget the home level users in this process, Because I fall in that category 😉 …

In my next writing, I’ll write about the internet connectivity types and pricing (in Bangladesh)…


Multiple IP addresses in a single NIC!!!

I hope you have idea how Internet sharing works in WINDOWS… You have to have two different Network Interface Card (LAN card), one to get connected to the internet and the second one to share the internet to other network. In this way a single pc can connect to X numbers of networks with X numbers of NIC. In this way a pc can act as a bridge between two different networks. This seems so complex a process and also there are many more limitations. Moreover the routing between two different network is simply not possible in windows. But in Linux things are way different and way ahead. Slowly but surely i am getting the facts why people prefer LINUX. Some of you might laugh at me but I am really amazed to know that multiple IP addresses can be assigned in a single NIC. Yes I am talking about the range-x thing. I can provide a range of IP assigned to a single NIC. eg. starting from IPs to, doesn’t matter if my static IP was from another network( eg. If my static IP and rangex IPs are from different networks, then by just changing the gateways of static eth0 card to the IP of any of the rangex IP and also changing the gateways of the rangex IP to the main eth0 IP address, I can configure a simple router (routing between and networks). VLAN can also be implemented using this method. This is probably how the web hosting companies provide a range of dedicated IP addresses to the Client. Well I couldn’t write more details and the codes or configurations required for this as it would take the whole night for me to explain the whole procedure. But this is very interesting indeed. You can get some details from the following link:

Bind Multiple IP Addresses to a Single Network Interface Card (NIC) – by Tony Bhimani