“Bring the 1971 war criminals to Justice” – is it a timely demand??




I believe and I feel the Rajakars (War criminals) should have been punished already. But is it the right time now? I know many of you would say that there are examples of war criminals of World Wars been punished after long long time. But my dear brothers and sisters, those were International cases, and were fought among many countries. Many complicated situations were there for which the trial took so long to be implemented. But what about the Rajakars? Everybody knew what they did and also everybody knew/know who they were/are. What took people 36 years to think about the punishment of them? You might say – “better late than never”. But is it acceptable in this case? The demand definitely started from the campaign of our beloved (!!) leaders. Now it has almost become a demand of many of the people in Bangladesh. My question is, why didn’t our beloved leaders and political parties themselves didn’t bring the Rajakars to the justice???? The reason is- all the parties used them as a ladder towards the power.

For last one year, the real faces of our leaders were brought infront of us. Just try to figure out the number of our patriot political leaders currently staying in the jail. Now try to figure out what not these leaders have done!!! Now when both the parties are finding them in trouble they are trying to divert the attention of the current government to something else. Awamileague ruled the country for about 9 years, BNP ruled for about 15 years, Jatiyo party for about 10 years. All of the parties got more than enough time to bring the war criminals to the justice. If these three political parties were really interested in bringing the criminals to justice- they could have easily done that. But their consciousness took 36 years!!! isn’t it mysterious??

Now question might arise, what’s the problem if it is late?? The problem is the the aftermath of the punishment. It is so late that, by this time some of the well known Rajakars are in the top of a big political party. And that party consists of millions of members and supporters (Don’t think I’m one of them ). How will their followers react if they are punished? If there was no emergency now, what would the followers of Khaleda Zea and Sheikh Hasina do? Supporters of BNP and Awamileague would almost bring qayamat in Bangladesh. Why these two leaders are in the jail are known to all. They were engaged in corruption and they influenced corruption and what not else!!! Still their supporters are ready to become martyr for their great (!!) leaders. Things will certainly be same with Jamat-E-Islami. People voted them and eventually sent them to the parliament and to the government also. Still people will vote for Gol*M Az*m and Niz*mi knowing how they participated in the genocide in 1971. The reason is, they got into the veins of the political system of Bangladesh. Punishment of them will lead to more violence and terrorism . A Rajakars son/daughter and relatives are not rajakars. Punishing the Rajakars after 36 years will draw a negative impact on their relatives and also followers. It will reignite the RAJAKARISM inside them. After 36 years of the independence these segmentation/division will bring no benefit to the country if not more harm.

As I mentioned earlier, our political leaders are successful enough to raise our voice in this issue. These leaders are not much behind in the race!!! Just try to calculate what the Bangladeshi people have achieved being a citizen of an independent democratic country. I know it is almost impossible to control emotion in this regard. But emotion can lead to great difficulties. It’s time to progress. We (who ever think alike me) want no more segmentation/division among people. We are already far behind in the race compared to some of our neighbors. We want to raise our nation and mark our position in the developed world.



The above statements are solely my personal views. It is usual that you might have other opinion. Many of us lost our loved ones in 1971. So did I. I can feel the emotion too. I will also support them who demand the punishment, if they ensure that there will be no deterioration in the situation. Can they ensure it? Because, I believe we have got a life to lead. It is my right to think of my future security.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search engines are the places where every and almost all the internet users are likely to go through to get the relevant information they are looking for. And the proof of this is the giant Google. The success of google reflects how much people are dependent on search engines. Google is not the only one- YAHOO, MSN, ALTA VISTA and many others are also operating to serve people. Now if you ask “why they are doing so and what’s their benefit” – that will require another article to describe, so lets get back to track. Just think again how much efforts I’m giving in writing this article, and if no one gets through it, it will be totally worthless. That’s the point, I want people to know that I have written something. I need to do something which will allow the search engines to keep the records of the things in my site, and when people will search for relevant info, they will be directed to my article. Search engine will have many results and you will always desire that your article/link should be there in the beginning if not the in the TOP. Its not that by studying more hours than any other students in the class you can score most, you have to apply some technics and also maintain some basic guidelines to get a good score in the exam. Getting in the top in the search engine results also don’t really require any website to be rich in resources. As I mentioned, some technics- some algorithms or some configuration, are required. Now let’s talk something technical !

Wait… I had to attend a final exam this evening, and I am completely exhausted, I’ll be back with the same topic and resume from where I am stopping… In the mean time please go through what google has to say about SEO…


Be Right Back …..

SIDR Rattles Bangladesh!!

The whole country is stunned by the effect of the category-4 cyclone in Bangladesh. The southern part of the country is battered so badly that after one day of its destruction more than thousand are reported to be dead where as the number is surely going to multiply many a times as time progressing. The communication system has not been restored and it is still not accessible to many a parts of the country. The power grids have tripped and the country was literally without electricity for a complete day. The power has been restored in my area at 1 am the next day, 26 hours since it went out. When I went out in last morning I was shivered seeing the aftermath of the storm in Dhaka, where the speed of the air was hardly 100-120 Km/h. I just can’t imagine how the people of the southern part of Bangladesh were feeling where the storm had a speed of more than 240 Km/h. The property loss is going to be much higher than the mortality rate as it is believed that drastic action was taken to save human lives by taking them to the Cyclone shelter. People could hardly do anything to their properties and livestocks. We were in complete ignorance of what happened to the fate of the people of the effected area as there were no electricity. The mobile communication to those area were destroyed. We came to know that the direction of SIDR was towards Dhaka, and it was at 9pm. The cyclone started to hammer Dhaka region at 12 am that night. So the inhabitants were still not prepared for such a disaster. Trees were uprooted, electric lines were tore, advertising boards were shattered throughout the city. This is the situation where the cyclone was way less powerful than what it was in the coastal areas. It is assumed that a huge number of animals also suffered death in the Sundarban region, the largest mangrove forest in the world. The greatest problem lies ahead as people have literally nothing left in their home in the effected ares. They have no home, they have nothing to eat, even if they have stored their food somehow- they can’t cook. They need medical assistance as well. Thousands of volunteers and social workers are trying their best to help the people. We, who can’t lengthen our hands to help them, can atleast pray for the poor people of the effected areas. May Allah give them the power to survive the hurdles.

Sattelite view of the cyclone SIDR

Curfew – Behind the scene…

Last few days were so lifeless that I am feeling I’ve been in the jail for decades. I believe it’s not me only, its the general feeling of all the city dwellers… The impose of curfew by the government has almost stopped the wheel of the country literally. But the question is, whether this is acceptable or not?? Curfew is not acceptable, but the circumstance which brought this drastic decision to be taken by the government is much more responsible for the sufferings of the people. We all are well aware of what happened at DU between the Army men and the students. It is true that the way police reacted on the students was not acceptable, but what about the aftermath? That was nothing but an attempt of deteriorating the situation to such an extent which would further worsen the political situation of Bangladesh. Some of the so called experts mentioned that it was public grief and agony which helped this incident to extend to such a destructive actions which grew because of the uprising in the expenditure of the lifestyles. Was it really true?? Reformation can’t take place without some considerations. We all know that the present government is trying heart and soul to bring the clarity and establish a clean and clear atmosphere in all the sectors of the country. Unlike the traditional politicians the advisers of the current government are from the group of people who led life like us even a year ago and are also well educated and experienced in the sector they are working for. So they really know what really the public demands are and where the fault was… As a part of their cleanup operation one of our great (!!!) leader is in to the custody and another one has almost one step in there too. There is a big number of people who have been sufferer as a result and the incident of the 20th August gave them a chance to take a hand against the government. They are the politicians and they are ready to sacrifice everything (except for their own benefit) for the sake of their interest!!! The thing that happened with the DU students is definitely not acceptable but what happened outside the DU campus is not acceptable either. The flare was supplied by those selfish people who were the sufferer for the drastic actions taken by the government. I believe that these weeds will soon be removed from the society and no more incident like the 20th August (2007) incident will take place in Bangladesh.

NB: All the statements above are solely my personal opinion and it is not unusual that others might have different ideas/opinions.

Internet and Submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE-4) in Bangladesh

Internet is probably the second largest service in terms of technology after the Telecom sector. Its wide variety of usage has enabled the internet users to communicate and share information vastly. The usage and users of Internet are growing in a very rapid exponential rate. Internet is infact the biggest network of computers and many other devices. So there must be a medium through which information/data is exchanged between these devices. For Bangladesh, the medium had been only the satellite communication, connecting a gateway might be at Hongkong, Singapore or somewhere else. The thing can be symbolically represent with the Water System. What I meant is that, the thing was like – You’ve to depend upon your neighbor who has the direct water connection, and you get your water from him, and as a container you use your bucket to transfer water to your home. Now think of how inefficient a system it used to be. Internet on the other hand is a two way dependencies, which is unlike the one way water system, where receiving is the only goal. Satellite communication is a slower yet a very costly mean of connectivity. However people in Bangladesh thought they are going to overcome the problem by getting connected to the long waiting SEA-ME-WE-4 optical fiber backbone. People thought that Internet availability will be at their fingertips, Robust speed will enable them to transfer information faster and in large volume. It has been about one and half year since Bangladesh got connected to SEA-ME-WE-4, but the question is how it has fulfilled the ever growing demand of bandwidth!!! Another question is , how efficiently has been the max capacity been used so far? I know there is nobody to answer my question, but it is not a negligible issue and we just can’t keep experimenting on this as the lifespan of this connectivity is about 15 years only!!! As far as I know the total bandwidth will be distributed between data communication and telecommunication. We can see some uplifting in the telecom sector after banning the illegal VOIP and also declaring the road map for the future of VOIP. But what about the other use of this bandwidth? Infact what should be the other use? Just availing the bandwidth to surf the internet? The answer is simply -“NO”… I can still remember what our respected Awal sir (MAA) used to say. To prove yourself worthy enough in the ICT serctor, you just simply have to have a PC and a good connectivity to the information highway. These are the basic component you require. However the ICT sector in total also requires same infrastructure but surely in a broader context. How effectively has the ICT sector been able to use this connectivity? I know the answer is definitely “Not Satisfactory”. Our neighboring country India has gone far ahead in ICT sector. If Bangladesh could have 10% of India’s ICT market, it would be ten times as big a market as the current garment/knit sector of Bangladesh. To emerge as an ICT enabled nation, Bangladesh is supposed to ensure the maximum use of this connectivity , which has been completely wasted so far. Special offers should be introduced to ICT/Software/Call Center type of services so that more and more entrepreneurs are interested to grab the opportunity and thus ensuring creation of more employment. There is no lack of talents in Bangladesh, the lack is only in planning and implementation of plans. Let’s not forget the home level users in this process, Because I fall in that category 😉 …

In my next writing, I’ll write about the internet connectivity types and pricing (in Bangladesh)…